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Facts About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is known all over the world as an alternative medicinal practice which actually originated in the country of India. Though is not something that assures relief, whatever medicines you take in the form of Ayurveda, you will be taking it in an organic form since all the medicines are made naturally without the help of any chemicals at all. It also promises to treat many different kinds of ailments, and it also promises that these solutions would not be found in other types of medicine. Well, I do agree that consuming natural medicine is undoubtedly a much better thing that consuming chemicals as treatment. Well, here are some facts about Ayurveda.

  • The principles are certainly incredibly basic, but they are simple as well. It is based on the principle that the body is totally made up of 5 elements which are space, air, water, earth and fire. When all of these elements work in a way, in a good way, they will make a healthy and happy person.

Ayurveda Medicine

  • Another fact that you should know is that the three doshas actually make you who you are according to Ayurveda. Here is what ayurveda practitioners believe. A person who is actually a particular dosha does have unique characteristics. Because of the dominance of one of the doshas, it ends up affecting the person’s temperament, and there could be a way that they get affected by some diseases as well. It is said that it governs how the person reacts to stress as well.
  • The three doshas actually tell the practitioner what kind of ailments you are likely to suffer from.
  • The diagnosis is completely based on many different kinds of factors. The person examines the patient, and this would include a series of tests and would even follow some factors. After the doctor has completely understood you, and what kind of problem you are actually suffering from, they will start prescribing you with some ayurvedic medicine.
  • Ayurveda has been known to look at your body as a whole. A disease is actually known as a disharmony between the soul, the body and the mind as well. This would mean that your body, its mind, its organs and the mental makeup all play a pivotal role when it comes to the diagnosis as well as the treatment. This way, it even tries to treat the main root cause of the problem, rather than the organ or even the part of the body which is affected; you factor in how the medicines will actually affect the person as a whole.
  • The environment does indeed play a significant role when it comes to your health.

The Many Types Of Alternative Medicines That We Use

There are actually many different kinds of alternative medicines that we use in this world, Western medicine has indeed proven to be incredibly useful and helpful when it comes to the saving of lives of countless people, but you should know that there are some alternatives and there always will be. A lot of different areas will make up the practice of alternative medicine. In addition, there are also many parts of just one field which could overlap with the parts of another field. Here are some of the alternatives:

Traditional alternative medicine field would indeed require more mainstream and also accepted forms of therapy, and this would indeed include acupuncture, homeopathy and even oriental practices. The therapists have certainly been practicing this for centuries all over the planet.


  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Chinese and even oriental medicine

For the body, touch has indeed been used in medicine since the early days of medicine. Healing through touch is completely based on the idea that illness or even injury in an area of the body can undoubtedly affect most parts of the body. The body can then focus on the full healing of the body when it is ill. Here are some of the ways that touch helps the body:

  • Chiropractic and osteopathic medicine
  • Massages
  • Bodily movement therapies
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga

Your diet and herbs have also proven to help a lot. Over the centuries, man has indeed tried to perfect the diet, and so many people believe that they have come close to cracking the code about how food has a control on what the body stores and burns. But many people have come to the valid conclusion that each body is unique and there is little to nothing you can do when it comes to not knowing what you can do when you gain weight, except control your intake as well as exercise. Some foods can be construed as forms of medicine because they will indeed have medicinal effects on you.

Dietary supplements

  • Dietary supplements
  • Good nutrition and diet
  • Herbal medicine

External energy is something that people believe that would affect and also help a person’s health.

  • Electromagnetic therapy
  • Reiki
  • Qigong

The mind is actually the most powerful thing that the body owns. Standard and even conventional medicine have already recognized that a healthy mind equals a healthy body. People who have great emotional health have also been known to have great physical health as well. These will help you have a peace of mind.

  • Meditation
  • Biofeedback
  • Hypnosis (positive)

Your sense can also improve your health.

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